Reliable, Quality Research

Our Expertise is in Conducting Quality Secondary Data Research, Analysis and Insight Creation 


Secondary data research done well and with integrity:

  • Increases the value of your primary competitive intelligence (CI) activities by ensuring you have maximised all the potential information value from your secondary sources.
  • Builds reliable competitive pipelines and timelines that deliver insights.
  • Effectively tracks, compares and analyses competitor clinical trial activities facilitating timely decisions on your own clinical trial planning.
  • Provides specific and accurate data needed for regulatory submissions.
  • Answers individual intelligence questions.
  • And much more...

DCision Consult has extensive experience in searching for, and analysing, competitive information on pipeline evolution, clinical trials, launch strategies, business development, licensing activities and more. Our primary CI experience, training and knowledge enables us to use secondary data research to best effect.


Many requests look similar but all are unique, because you, your organisation, and your pipeline and products are unique. We respect that. Our services are not one size fits all. We will always provide a proprietary answer, never a generic one. 





Supporting Pharma & Biotech

Competitive Intelligence & Business Analysis Activities

Our Key Deliverables

  Competitive Landscapes


  • Do you need to be continuously up-to-speed with what your competitors are doing right now?

  • And do you also need to be able to anticipate what they will do next?

DCision Consult can provide decision-ready competitive landscapes that allow you to have that information when you need it. We can look at a landscape from many different perspectives: product; indication; target; company etc. and provide the level of detail needed to support your needs.
We can provide one-off landscapes but also have experience of ongoing monitoring of landscapes for clients. 
We have a current subscription to the pharma intelligence database BioMedTracker (Informa). We generally provide deliverables as powerpoint and excel but can also use Tableau for analysis and presentation as well as having a subscription to the full Adobe suite for further data visualisation.

  Current Awareness


  • Do you need a daily or regular update of what's happening in a particular area of interest e.g. regulatory or patient engagement?
DCision Consult has experience of providing regular updates in clear, concise format. Using a personal rather than automated approach has its advantages: capturing stories and information that at first-glance (and any glance for an automated system) appear to be out-of-scope but which contain that hidden gem of knowledge that can help you get ahead.
We can also add comment and perspective on stories and news and link the information in a meaningful way.

  Literature Searches


  • Do you need to find prevalence data for an Orphan Drug Designation?
  • Do you need to find a quality review article that describes the current landscape for a particular indication?

We are experienced in conducting methodical and reproducible literature searches, and search strategies, that can assist with regulatory submissions or building competitive landscapes for examples.



These are just some amongst the many research questions we have successfully answered for our clients:
  • How could we more accurately identify potential patients suffering a rare disease?
  • Which regions in a country were more likely to have patients with a specific indication, so we can direct valuable sales and marketing resources more effectively?
  • What are the potential indications that could benefit from a specific drug delivery device?
  • What are the reimbursement processes in different countries? How have other similar indications managed to achieve reimbursement?
  • What the regulatory, pricing & reimbursement events impacting USA, EU5, and China on a weekly basis?
  • What are the numbers of patients receiving a particular therapy?
  • What is the current standard of care for a particular indication?
  • Who are the current competitors for a drug in development?  What will the picture look in 5-10 years? What would the likely disrupters or game-changers be in the space? 
  • List of registered products in the EU for specific indications (due diligence for regulatory submissions)?

Asking the Right Questions

Our client projects are extremely varied, but we start each one with the same activity - talking to you, our customer, and making sure we really understand precisely what you need the information you are requested to do for you.


Ensuring that we can provide you the right data, at the right time, and in the right format.


  • Our key focus is delivering insightful analysis tailored specifically to your needs.
  • We offer a flexible and transparent service to our customers.
  • You can expect excellent communication at all stages of your project, high-quality presentation of results, and value for money.
  • We make our research based on multiple, validate sources, using the best quality data available.

Our Experience

Denise Carter MSc MCLIP

Managing Director & Principal Consultant


  • 30 years experience of working with data and information.  
  • Over 20 years in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
  • Delivers quality and insightful analysis.
  • Provides creative information solutions for clinical, marketing, business development, regulatory, and research functions. 

Denise holds a Masters degree in Information Management (MSc). She is a certified Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP-1); and a Chartered member of CILIP: The UK Information Professionals Association (MCLIP).


A full biography and/or CV is available upon request.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Ethics & Confidentiality


DCision Consult is a member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) and follows their Code of Ethical Business Practice.

Denise Carter, Managing Director & Principal Consultant, is a member of the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals and abides by CILIP’s Ethical Framework


Client confidentiality is very important to us. We respect applicable data privacy laws. All documents are stored in password -protected files.

Publications & Presentations


The Future-Proof Librarian. Presented at Internet Librarian International, October 2019.

Information as an Asset: Today's Board Agenda. KPMG, CILIP (2019).

How real is the impact of artificial intelligence? The 2018 Business Information SurveyBusiness Information Review 2018;35(3):99-115.

Gaining additional value from secondary data resources: two examples of using existing internal data and knowledge to create new company-centric resourcesBusiness Information Review 2012;29(3):148-256.


Full list of articles available on ResearchGate and Kudos

Information Network


Denise Carter is active in information and knowledgement networks, including:

  • Project Board for establishing a CILIP* Chartered Knowledge Management certification (2018-present)

  • Project Board for producing the 'Information as an Asset' report (2017-2019)

  • Member of CILIP's Knowledge & Information Management Special Interest Group (K&IM) (Chair 2018-20; Hon. Secretary 2016-17)

  • Author of BIR** annual business information survey (2015-2019)

*CILIP: Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals

**BIR: Business Information Review (Sage)

The Environment Matters


We are committed to working as much on screen as we can,
without printing when possible; and to recycling any paper used, printer cartridges, and other office waste, again where possible. 

    This website is hosted by a green host - Kualo. 


“From my initial contact with Denise [Carter] I had a very positive feeling. She immediately transmitted a very professional image. Once we started to cooperate her work confirmed my impression: timely delivery of materials capturing what I need to know. She has also been very proactive in sharing information that she deems relevant to me and her judgement has been spot on. Her input has also included additional details that really differentiate her work compared to other vendors I have worked with.”

“I have been privileged to work with Denise Carter and her firm, DCision Consult, for more than a year now, and I have been — and continue to be — extremely pleased with our working relationship and the assignments that Denise assumes and completes. Denise is smart, a fast study, patient, organized, a good writer, and a self-starter. I was seeking someone with a pharmaceutical industry background who could run with a new client project that hadn't been completely scoped out. Based on my experience you can expect Denise to go the extra mile to successfully engage in and complete assignments."

“I have been using DCision Consult for more than 6 months to help me track key competitors and to create competitive landscape documents. They are very good at triangulating information from a variety of secondary sources, and at creating clear, useful graphics. The quality of the intelligence they provide is top-notch. I also really appreciated how responsive they are. When our needs change unexpectedly, they are very good at shifting gears and getting us what we need quickly.”

“We have more than 15 year history of working with Denise Carter and are delighted that she is one of our preferred consultants. We and our clients have been very pleased with [her] work and have found Denise to be clear in her communications, effective and efficient in her work management and flexible in adapting to changing client requests.”


Clients have praised us for our proactivity, clear communication style, and partnership approach


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