Our Expertise is in Conducting Quality Secondary Data Research, Analysis and Insight Creation... 


Secondary data research done well and with integrity:

  • Provides best available, quality, validated data.
  • Increases the value of your primary competitive intelligence (CI) activities by ensuring you have maximised all the potential information value from your secondary sources.
  • Builds reliable and robust competitive landscapes and timelines that deliver insights.
  • Supports forecasting and business analysis.
  • Effectively tracks, compares and analyses competitor clinical trial activities facilitating timely decisions on your own clinical trial planning.
  • Provides specific and accurate data needed for your regulatory submissions.
  • Answers your individual intelligence questions.
  • And much more...

DCision Consult has extensive experience in searching for, and analysing, competitive information on pipeline evolution, clinical trials, launch strategies, business development, licensing activities and more. Our primary CI experience, training and knowledge enables us to use secondary data research to best effect.

Many requests look similar but all are unique, because you, your organisation, and your pipeline and products are unique. We respect that. Our services are not one size fits all. We will always provide a proprietary answer, never a generic one. 


...And Asking the Right Questions


Our client projects are extremely varied, but we start each one with the same activity - talking to you, our customer, and making sure we really understand precisely what you need the information you are requested to do for you. Ensuring that we can provide you the right data, at the right time, and in the right format.


  • Our key focus is delivering insightful analysis tailored specifically to your needs.
  • We offer a flexible and transparent service to our customers.
  • You can expect excellent communication at all stages of your project, high-quality presentation of results, and value for money.
  • We make our research based on multiple, validated sources, using the best quality data available.



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